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Class shirt, Soc shirt, Hall shirt selection and printing

Not to mention class shirts, even the group uniforms of large companies and institutions are now mostly made of ready-made garments. The most commonly used brands are Gildan and Printstar. They both produce different series of T-Shirt , pullover sweater , zipper sweater , vest , sports quick-drying Tee , and sports pants, so they basically meet everyone's class shirt design requirements. Printing Tee shirts with ready-made garments greatly reduces the cost of printing Tee shirts, and shortens the production time. It is indeed the best choice for students!

The most common class shirts are printed class Tee, class sweater, and class jacket. The available products are short-sleeved T-Shirt, long-sleeved T-Shirt, long-sleeved sweater, hooded sweater, zipper sweater, cotton Zipup jacket, wind jacket Wait. If the above products are used as class shirts, the following traditional shirt printing methods can be used: silk screen printing, digital direct injection, heat transfer and embroidery.

In addition, the most popular printing shirt technology recently is the whole body printing shirt! There are basically no restrictions on the full-body printed shirt, and it can be printed with full effect. Starry sky, gradient, watercolor, splashing ink, oil painting, color matching and other requirements can be satisfied. It's easy to print unique Soc Tee, Ocamp Tee, Ban Tee, Ban Tee, Ban Sweater, Ban jacket and She-shirt!

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