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Paperideas Bullet Notebook【A5/A6/A7】

Paperideas Bullet Notebook【A5/A6/A7】


Product picture without printing


​ The order quantity, design pattern and printing process will affect the price, please contact us for quotation.​


Bullet Notes is suitable for people who want to try bullet note-taking, but are still worried about notebooks;

It is suitable for people who have a bunch of words to write every day;

It is suitable for writing with a pen and seeing people who are dizzy and mad at the meeting;

People who like to paint with watercolors.


  • Cover material: Color changing eco-friendly PU leather/ 2 bookmark straps
  • Paper material: 100g pure wood pulp acid-free paper​
  • Size: 3 sizes A5 / A6 / A7
  • Weight: 3 weights A5 / A6 / A7
    • A5: 148x213mm (412g)
    • A6: 102x148mm (211g)
    • A7: 73x105mm (103g)
  • Thickness: 18mm
  • Number of pages: 94 sheets/188 pages
  • Nail binding: stitch glue binding
  • Color: 20 colors
  • Custom craftsmanship: Cover bronzing English letters / embossing / branding
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