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Printstar 5.6oz 日本精梳天竺棉素面T恤厚磅純棉T

Printstar 5.6oz 日本精梳天竺棉素面T恤厚磅純棉T


Product picture without printing

The order quantity, design pattern and printing process will affect the price, please contact us for quotation.

  • 100% Tianzhu Cotton

  • 190g/square meter

  • Comfortable and soft texture

  • Double-layer double-needle thread collar (double-layer high-density thread routing, the neckline is durable and not easy to deform)

  • Three-dimensional pressure line on the arm (reinforce the neckline and the arm position, enhance the three-dimensional feeling, and effectively prevent the deformation of the arm position)

  • Seamless barrel weaving process (Loopwheel seamless barrel weaving process, seamless on the side, not easy to wrinkle)

  • 24 colors

  • Hemp Ash: 80% Cotton/ 20% Polyester

  • White Ash: 95% Cotton/ 5% Polyester

  • White for cotton thread sewing

Sub-standard version, in line with Asian body design

(For reference only, please check the size chart before purchasing)

  • S is suitable for height 160 cm

  • S is suitable for height 165 cm

  • M is suitable for height 170 cm

  • L is suitable for height 175 cm

  • XL is suitable for height 180 cm

  • 2XL is suitable for height 185 cm

  • 3XL is suitable for height 190 cm 



  • It is recommended to rinse it once before wearing it. When washing, please wash it separately, do not wash it together with light-colored clothes

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